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Current Projects:

Quarrymen Research

We are looking to develop a small volunteer team to conduct research into the men responsible for carving out the Combe Down Stone Mines and, supplying the stone to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, City of Bath.

Without the assistance of photographs documenting this period in time, our collective knowledge of the Georgian quarrymen responsible for extracting bath stone below the surface in Combe Down is limited almost entirely to the names and dates discovered and recorded by archaeologists in the Combe Down Stone Mines Stabilisation Project, graffitied on sawn faces throughout the quarry complex.

Our aspiration is to develop an understanding of the individuals and characters behind the quarrying activity beneath the city and, provide these people with the representation they deserve for their achievements.

We welcome any assistance with this project and, would love to hear from anyone who is interested in uncovering the lives of these unknown individuals. If you have previous experience researching family histories using public records or are interested in developing your skills in geneaology, please get in touch with us.

Volunteers in this project can contribute from the comfort of their own home or, onsite with the team at the museum. Additionally, there are likely to be opportunities to visit and explore other collections and archives.


Past Projects:

Bath’s Underground History Unlocked: A Community Digitisation Project

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